Due to COVID-19 Kim's Karate Schools will be closed until further notice.

Class Expectations

Karate Class

Below you will find our schedule of classes. Please reference this page often to find out what days and times you can train to make the most of your week.

 Dojang Rules:
NO Shoes, NO use of offensive language, NO talking unless called upon by the instructor, NO walking, NO leaving the floor without permission, NO tobacco use or drug possession anywhere in or on the property.

100% Effort at ALL TIMES, 100% Attention to the Instructor at ALL TIMES,

100% Respect to Classmates at ALL TIMES

Your uniform, hair, finger/toe nails, and body will be clean and manicured in order to enter class

Enter the school in a quiet and respectful manner and immediately bow to instructor and salute the flags
When entering the school parking lot; drive carefully with your radio low.

When addressed by your instructor always speak loudly and clearly and finish every sentence with sir/ma’am.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow adequate time to warm-up and prepare for class. 

You will be told to leave if you appear to be under the influence of any mind altering substances. 

Karate Class Schedule

Class Schedule